Hi, I'm Debbie, I make clothes and hats.  *Wave*

I have been embroidering and sewing since I was a very small child (about 2 years old, give or take),
growing up in the north east of England (why so young? An attempt to keep an inquisitive and
precocious nightmare child (me) out of trouble!!).  I've been designing, cutting and making clothes since
I was a slightly older child (about 8 years old, ish), when I discovered a book on pattern cutting at our
local library, and was fascinated.

My fascination with clothing and costume began with me watching old Hollywood movies as a kid -
curled up next to my Nana, watching stories unfolding before my eyes, and seeing (more often than not)
the story being equally told through the clothes that the characters were wearing.  
The first clothes I made properly were 1930s coats and trousers (sorry, 'slacks'), based on some of my
Nana's books from the period.  

I have been researching and making historical clothing for a living for more than 15 years now, and
have many, many happy customers (some of whom have become friends).

Although the actual making and designing of clothing has always been instinctive to me, I was taught to
sew originally by my Nana, who had trained in tailoring at an early age.  I've augmented this over the
years with training in theatre, and design, and by studying modern fashion (at university), as well as by
study of tailoring, embroidery, and fabric and sewing in general.  
I also studied millinery and hat making at Leeds College of Art, from where I graduated with distinction.
And I have made a private study of the history of dress to an obsessive extent!  

In short, I have a lifelong obsession with clothing - how it is made, and how styles and methods of
cutting and working evolve over time.

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