I have two options when it comes to measuring and sizing.

1.  Standard sized (based on chest / waist size).  

For this I'll need to know (ideally, I've managed with less):
For men and boys, your chest size, natural waist, hips, arm length and height (imperial or metric are both fine
- I'm British understand both (*grin*)).  
For women and girls, that would be bust (not bra) size, waist, hips arm length, and height.  
And the required length of a garment where necessary.
Also, head circumference if relevant.

2.  Custom made.

Most of my work is custom made.  This is fully bespoke, and made to measure - meaning that I cut a new
pattern for you, appropriate to the period of the garment (be that 13th century or modern day) - I don't
simply alter an existing pattern (that's made to measure in the high street suit sense of the term - I'm not
M&S and I don't want to be!!)

As I'm sure you can imagine, for this, I need quite a few measurements.  If you're in the UK, you can
arrange to visit m at the studio for measuring, or I can measure you at an event (I do a handful a year).  If
that's not possible, I'll send you a copy of my measurement form and guide.  (This will be available online in
due course, but for the time being,

For non-clothing items, (flags, embroidery and the like), I'll ask you for the info I need.

Once I have your measurements, I will need a (non-refundable*) deposit of approx. 30% of the total order
value, and I'll book you into my work schedule, allowing for fittings where necessary. Please note that for
museums and other larger organisations a purchase order may take the place of the deposit by prior

Payments and delivery
Customers resident in the UK may make payments by cheque, postal order, banker's draft, bank transfer,
or cash if in person.  (Please do not send cash through the post, as I cannot be held responsible if it goes
missing, and you cannot insure it.)

Overseas customers may pay by either PayPal, international money order, banker's draft or banker's
cheque, bank transfer, or money transfer (please
contact us to arrange international payment).  I can also
accept personal cheques.  
I can accept these payments in hard currencies other than Pounds Sterling (£ / GBP), but for orders of less
than 100 GBP, I must make a charge of 1.5% of the payment, to cover bank charges.  (I meet this fee for
orders of more than 100 GBP.)

Payment will normally be due on completion of your order, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  We will let
you know (usually by e-mail) that your order has been completed, and give you a final payable balance
including shipping cost, if not already included.   All goods will be sent within fourteen days of the
of payment (unless otherwise arranged in advance).

Please note - as of January 2010, all items will have to be paid for (and cleared) in advance of
despatch, if not covered by a Purchase Order.  This is due to a number of unpaid accounts, is at the
insistence of my bankers, and is out of my control.

All deliveries are made using Royal Mail or parcel courier.  All parcels are now fully insured, and traceable.  
Due to bitter experience, I will not send any goods uninsured, so please don't ask me to.  

Please note that If you are outside the UK your national customs office may impose additional fees.  We are
not responsible for those fees in any way - the cash goes to your government, not us.

NB - orders can only be placed under a client's real name - I regret that we cannot accept orders placed under
a pseudonym.

* Please see full terms and conditions for further details.
As on the page about my work, the bulk of my work is made to measure, and / or custom made and /
or made to order.  Details on how to order a piece are below.

I also usually have a small number of items in stock (some stock items, some uncollected orders, so
it varies).  These will be available to buy through my soon-to-be-online shop, although in the
meantime you can e-mail us at enquiries@deborahloughcostumes.com to find out what we have in

For made to measure and bespoke / custom pieces, in the first instance you will need to
contact us
for a quotation and to find out how quickly I could make your proposed order.  I usually do have a
waiting list, the length of which varies (see below).  Don't wait for me to be 'less busy' - it's not
likely to happen (touch wood).

I do not have a set price list for clothing.  This is
not to hide astronomical prices, or to enable me to
charge different amounts to different clients, or to practice any similar shady dealings.  
It is simply that I do not wish to be limited by the constraints of such a list - most of the clothing and
other items I supply are unique - one-offs, made to order, and to my customers' specifications.  It
would simply be an impossible task to try to list all the possibilities (I did try once - after about a
week, and a whole notepad, I failed).  
Moreover, having a set list or a set 'range' is excruciatingly limiting to the imagination!

When we give you a quote, the price is fixed for one calendar month.  After that, it may be subject to
change, as the prices of materials fluctuate (one of my suppliers recently had to increase their prices
four times in six months).

Once you order the price will not change unless you alter the specification (e.g. by choosing a
more costly fabric, or altering a design to a more labour intensive one, etc).  

When we quote you a price by e-mail it will usually include shipping - if it does not, we will be
clear about that.  We charge postage and packing at cost, and make no profit from it.

I can ship worldwide (I have posted pieces to clients on four continents so far).  

Delivery times vary according to the time of year and other factors, so if we quote you a delivery
time of 'X' weeks in January, it might be 'X'+10 weeks if you choose not to order till July.  Delivery
times may also depend on fittings / toiles being sent and returned, etc, if necessary for the
garment(s) ordered.

Although I have been known to fill orders in less than two weeks, a wait of 3 - 12 months is more
likely - but contact us (you never know, I do get cancellations!)

I don't charge extra for large sizes, or small sizes, or for odd shapes! - (whether you're chest size is
32" or 68", I will charge you the same price for the same garment).
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