24th October 2020

Part one.

This post is all about one woman. My Nana.

She brought me up. She taught me to read. She taught me to sew.

But before she was my Nana, she was Trudy Lough.

And before that, she was Trudy Foster.

This is the story of her life.

Picture shows my Nana, an old lady, wearing a light pink suit, with a pink striped blouse and a narrow brimmed pink hat. She has a navy blue handbag on her left wrist, and a floral pink and white buttonhole on her right lapel. Standing in front of her is a blonde little girl in a green coat, and Nana is holding her hand on the little girl's chest. The little girl is me.

Nana was born in Scarborough, on the North Yorkshire coast, on 24th October 1920.

100 years ago today.

She was born right at the start of what became the roaring 20s.

In the 20s, Nana’s family were quite well off. Definitely middle class.

Ann Hammond, Nana’s Grandmother, owned a shop in Darlington, in southern County Durham, where Sarah, Nana’s Mother, was from. After Ann died in 1910, Sarah inherited everything. Her siblings, Mary and Lucy, had died aged 5 and 2 respectively, in the Flu pandemic of 1889-1891, which also took their father, George Croft.
Sarah sold the shop, married and moved to Yorkshire. Sarah’s first son, Thomas, died before he was a year old, in Leeds. She had another son, Ronnie, and decided to leave Leeds for a healthier spot, partly to avoid being in a large city with a Flu pandemic raging (the 1918 - 1920 one).
Finally, Nana, whose ‘proper name’ was Gertrude, which she hated with a passion all her life, was born in Scarborough.